This website is created with intention to inform Trustroots community members about changes that have been happening within the Trustroots organization.

It's also a way to direct feelings of anger, pain and frustration into something useful for others.


  • you - If you want to contribute to this project, open a PR or reach out via Matrix. You can also send your suggestions, and generally spread the information.

  • mrkvon has been a member of Trustroots since December 11 2014 as 33rd member of the network. Started volunteering in June 2016 as a developer. See code contributions. Left volunteering in January 2021 after a burnout. Came back in the summer 2022 to help shape a community-driven future. On January 25 2024 m was kicked out of Trustroots github organization along with many other volunteers, and banned from commenting. Interested in intentional communities, and currently contribute to sleepy.bike.